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Angus Thinks! is a consulting group that specializes in I.T. Modernization, I.T. Strategy, and I.T. Futures and Directions. Angus Thinks! was founded in 2006 by Trevor Perry, a well known I.T. industry speaker, author and community evangelist, and a motivational speaker and author.

The Angus Thinks! philosophy encompasses a united approach to I.T. and business strategies. We challenge traditional methods that keep companies in a holding pattern, and lead companies as they move I.T. into the future. We recognize there is an ongoing culture shift, and incorporate that into the vision and direction for our customers.

We excel at the role of independent and unbiased facilitator. The approach taken by Angus Thinks! is to review the business and I.T. environment of the customer, and tailor the I.T. Strategy and Modernization roadmap accordingly. Using years of business and I.T. translation experience, and recognizing there is no cookie cutter solution for I.T., Angus Thinks! provides guidance and direction for I.T. organizations around the globe.

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