I.T. Strategy


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Angus Thinks! has developed a tactical methodology that can be used to apply a strategic approach to customers I.T. organizations.

This tactical approach to I.T. Strategy is a proven methodology. The key components are the Smiley face strategy and Roller Coaster project management. We focus on a top-down approach and utilize a bottom-up view to facilitate the strategy to fit your organization. Our main emphasis is on aligning I.T. with Business, and working towards delivery of Information to users, customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders. To do this, we will work to understand your high level architecture and understand the overall project requirements. At the same time, we apply effort to and understanding of your I.T. culture and work to define and evolve your I.T. DNA.

We believe every I.T. Strategy should consider, at least these points:

  1. Service the business

  2. Information

  3. Security

  4. Agility

  5. Service enablement

  6. Customer service

  7. Regulatory compliance

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Tactical Strategy